Catlike has achieved its own and totally different identity materialized in the oval as a symbol of the brand. With dozens of developments, patents, and technologies our brand has been known for creating products of the highest quality, based on safety, ventilation, and lightness.


In-Mold Construction
Our helmets feature an in-mold construction, a current production technology that makes ultra-lightweight helmets with a high level of firmness and maximum protection.


Aramid Roll Cage
Aramid Roll Cage is a robust, resistant fiber that is widely used in the aerospace sector, ballistics, and self-protection. It is a material used for its strength properties and increases the entire mechanical performance. Therefore, it improves impact energy absorption and increases head protection maintaining a minimum weight.


The head is the main temperature sensor in our body. Excessive heat can cause symptoms of fatigue, dizziness, and even dehydration. Catlike Dual Flow system maximizes ventilation: the internal channels provide constant airflow inside the helmet, avoiding overheating.


Our helmets feature an exclusive divisor part which will grant you maximum comfort during each usage. The way the straps are divided and easily positioned below the ears, on the jaw, means that they are easily adaptable to the unique user’s face.


LCP (Liquid-crystal Polymer)
Maintaining the helmet’s structural integrity in case of a more severe impact is key to increase your safety. Our models with lateral Polyamide roll cage have increased impact resistance and stiffness while maintaining excellent ventilation properties and low weight.


The unique design of Catlike’s helmets is not only based on aesthetics. The air intakes have been strategically positioned so that any impact will affect more than one internal structure: in the event of a crash, the energy generated will be spread through the honeycomb-type structure, significantly increasing the head’s protection.


The innovative MPS (Multi-Position-System) retention system allows optimizing the comfort of the user due to its 4-point adjustment possibilities: Dial System, front, rear, and height adjustment. Designed by Catlike to adapt to any head size, MPS Evo grants outstanding fitting, maximum comfort, and protection.


Graphene exhibits great mechanical strength and unique electronic properties. Catlike’s research, development, and innovation department have found a way to include graphene nanofibers in the construction of helmets to offer maximum protection to the head at minimum weight.


Bug Net
Some of our models are outfitted with an integrated insect net for extra safety.


Full Carbon 3K
One of our bets is the full carbon 3k weave sole, developed with the best carbon fibers technologies, excellent stiffness avoiding loss of performance. Its “extra flow” air system creates circulation, maintaining comfort even on hotter days.


Reinforced Composite
Our reinforced composite sole has an excellent balance between weight and stiffness giving the feeling of a competition shoe. Its breathable insole offers extra comfort and stability to the foot inside the shoe, even in moments of greater intensity.


Catlike uses increasingly modern technology systems in the textile. The hi-tech microfibre – Mycro – guarantees exceptional resistance to abrasion, great breathability, and high performance in sports.


Sustainable Materials
The high-quality microfibers used in the range of our shoes are created with ecological and biodegradable solvents to reduce our ecological footprint. These materials also contribute to the lightness and ergonomics of the shoes, which are highly resistant and washable.


Our shoes are designed to maximize comfort without sacrificing performance. The shoe has a wrap-around construction that wraps your foot to hold it snug and hit back into the heel where anti-slip lining keeps the heel firmly in place. This ergonomic adjustment will avoid looseness between the shoe and the cyclist’s foot.


Winch Dial Lacing System
This speed laces system gives the possibility of tightening and untightening the wire with one hand only thanks to its dial. It also allows cyclists to fit it to their foot shape, ensuring maximum performance without compromising on comfort.


Breathable Textile
The textile we use in our shoes’ construction is perfect for the all-season. It’s made from a blend of lightweight, breathability, and flexible material. The benefits of breathable textile materials combined with their non-solvent methods of creation deem make them a step forward in an ever-increasing environmentally conscious.


When it comes to textile technologies, our range offers a Hydrofuge solution thanks to its water repellent feature. Fabrics that are not only water-repellent but also breathable, preventing sweat retention.


Despite being lightweight bike helmets and shoes, they still offer great protection. The lightness in our models will allow you a comfortable wearing even when you are on the road for hours.


Reflective Details
Whether if you are commuting on short winter days or riding by night, the reflective details on our helmets and shoes will increase your visibility on the road.