About Catlike

Founded in 1996, Catlike is a high-end brand focused on the development of performance helmets and gear for demanding athletes. With roots interconnected with competition and a will to reinvent the concept of the cycling helmet, the launch of our first helmet models was truly an event in the cycling community.


A new bold design language, with helmets more ventilated and sleeker looking than the competition, set Catlike on the path to success. Although, after thorough research and listening to the opinions of our professional riders and teams, we have realized that creating the best cycling gear was not enough. Our mission had to be bolder and better aligned with the passion we had in the early years of our existence. From that moment on, creating the best cycling gear became a process of delivering the best product for our users, by combining performance and a safety-oriented mindset with a distinctive design language, fueled by continuous innovation and rigorous development processes.


When we talk about innovation, at Catlike we talk about our use of Aramid to produce a light and strong roll cage skeleton for our top-of-the-range helmets, dual-flow ventilation system, and our use of Graphene nanofibers to improve the mechanical properties of our products. The combined use of these technologies allowed us to deliver some of the best performance cycling helmets in the world. Furthermore, the honeycomb-type structure significantly improves impact energy absorption. At the same time, comfort is kept at the higher end of the scale and the helmets remain as light and ventilated as they get.


All developments went through strenuous tests, which vary from the wind tunnel to the roads paved by the tears and sweat of our brave athletes when they fight in the great Three-Week races or on the Cycling Monuments. Our helmets have protected some of the best athletes in cycling and helped them to conquer numerous victories in several categories and across several countries. With a sleek aero profile, top-notch ventilation, low-volume construction, and incredible safety ratings, they instantly became best-sellers and wrote a beautiful success story around the world.


Now, after years of rigorous research driven by consumer needs, in an ever-demanding society and fast-paced market, we took the responsibility to go further, to dare to be better, and to provide our users with the highest standards of quality, safety, and performance that will fulfill their rigorous riding purposes.