Whisper Evo


Whisper Evo


Whisper Evo is a legend in the cycling world. Conhecido pela sua extrema leveza e ventilação, este modelo é também um campeão absoluto no que diz respeito à segurança.

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Its internal polyamide roll cage will help keep your head safe in the event of a severe crash.


Safety CES technology – Crash Energy Splitter
Hexagon construction for ultimate strength performance
Internal polyamide roll cage for increased rigidity
Ventilation Champion – 37 vents


In-Mold Construction – Our helmets feature an in-mold construction, a current production technology that makes ultra-lightweight helmets with a high level of firmness and maximum protection.


LCP (Liquid-crystal Polymer) – Our models with lateral Polyamide roll cage have increased impact resistance and stiffness while maintaining excellent ventilation properties and low weight.


Dualflow – Catlike Dual Flow system maximizes ventilation: the internal channels provide constant airflow inside the helmet, avoiding overheating. The Whisper Evo features 37 ventilation channels throughout the entire helmet.


Hexagon – The helmet air intakes are strategically positioned. In the event of a crash, the energy generated will be spread through the honeycomb-type structure, significantly increasing the head’s protection.


The helmet must be hand cleaned only with water and a soft cloth. The comfort paddings should be removed from the helmet and cleaned using only water and mild soap. Use a soft cloth to dry the paddings before mounting them inside the helmet. After each use, allow the helmet to air dry and then store it in a cool and dry place where it won’t get damaged.


Catlike warrants to the original retail purchaser of this product (“you”) that the Catlike product for which you received this warranty is free from defects in material and workmanship. Please check all the details about the warranty policy here.