Thermal Bidon Catlike


Thermal Bidon Catlike


In extreme conditions – hot or cold – consider swapping a traditional water bottle for a thermal one. It will keep your liquids at a comfortable drinking temperature for 4 hours.

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Catlike thermal bidon has an interior foam with an aluminum membrane that prevents the temperature of the water change over a period of time. This membrane can be removed if you want to use this accessory as a standard bidon with 650ml. Na versão térmica, capacidade do bidon muda para 500ml. This thermal bidon also features a protective cap at the top, besides the benefits of usage on a more adventurer cycle path, it’s also a good option for your outdoor activities.


Capacity – Thermal – 600 ml/16.91 fl oz | Standard – 650 ml/21.98 fl oz
Wide Opening – Ø57 mm
Material – Polypropylene
Weight – 66 g / 0.15 lb
Standards – Complies with Regulation 10/2011
Ergonomic Shape
Made with non toxic and recyclable materials


Clean before and after use. Do not use abrasive cleaners with the bidon.
The temperature of the liquid inside depends on the outside temperature – for instance, at an outside temperature of 23ºC for 3 or 4 hours. The temperature of the liquid inside the bidon will go from 5ºC to 15ºC, a 10ºC difference. In this thermal bottle, after removing the cover, always check that the ring for the bottle seal is well placed to ensure the efficacy of the seal.